Majoon Khass


Majoon Khass – Potent sexual health formula for men.

    • Timing
    • Stamina
    • Power
    • Erection
    • Endurance.


Majoon Khass for Men supports the normal production of key male hormones, which are important for arousal, and strengthens the vital force that can provide sustainable and healthy energy levels. Majoon Khass for Men is a non-hormonal, natural choice.

It also includes Saffron, in a synergistic blend of adaptogens to reduce fatigue from overwork, physical or emotional exertion, and stress. Controls spermatorrhoea and premature ejaculation. Increases the density of semen and removes sexual debility.

Beneficial in all kinds of spermatorrhoea. Useful in prostatitis and enlargement of prostate glands. Increases the viscosity of semen prolongs the mating period and strengthens the kidney & bladder.

Majoon Khas strengthens the prostate gland, increases the overall quality of semen, and makes it more viscous

brings lasting ability

increased sperm count

eliminating male infertility and impotency helps bring back the feelings of youth,

builds up bed capacity,

gives strength to kidneys, bladder

nerves and by eliminating laxity in the prostate it glands make them stronger

increasing natural heat in seminal fluids stimulates viscosity thus resulting in increased sperm count and

helping to revitalize youthlike strength and vigor.

DOSAGE (Adults):   

15-20 gm with water or milk in the morning and evening or as directed by the physician preferably with milk.

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Additional information

Weight 0.520 g
Dimensions 13.3 × 18 × 13.8 cm


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